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Barotseland Agreement Map

If you have a problem with the behaviour of a party, you will take the case to the Supreme Court (of Zambia – if I may add), that is what this agreement says. S`LU @ 103. Do you stay on the subject – where is the mention mentioned in this agreement by a Barotse Native Treasury? The £78m you are talking about is not mentioned. But if you want to start, this money was royalties paid fraudulently by the BSAC in litunga – it should have been rightly paid to the Lamba chiefs whose copper came from the country. You owe a lot of time to the chefs of Lamba! It`s pumulo. This is the real map of Barotseland Thank you RICKY, I`m back… The army is sober, it`s just that a few guys like VJ and GAGA are trying to advance their useless agenda. .


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