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Salivatic Agreement Meaning

Garridi`s comment came after the senator`s keynote address, in which he defended the “salivary” agreement between Duterte and China. Counsel noted that neophyte senators like him should use plain language. He joked that he had no contact information or facts to support his argument that was right (Dawn) and that was not unconstitutional (he says) entered into the verbal agreement of his benefactor (Pres. Duterte) with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He said his base was the “good faith” of the president. That`s impressive! Everywhere you look, EPIC FAIL that!! It`s like a debate that your base is Chism! In fact, I am sorry to be a “good” and “faith” of the President. I will simply express my opinion on Mr. Tolentino`s “good faith.” The Attorney General said that these kinds of claims would only fly over the heads of veterans as Senator Franklin Drilon and Senator Ping Lacson. He also noted that Tolentino still had a long way to go before joining the ranks of Blas Ople and Miriam Defensor James. Could other judges send his five hair plans? Please call me back. It is not enough and he is confident of facing the debate. It`s like you`re getting in your own butter when you do that. This is what happened with the President`s ally senators, liars, traitors and THE BULLY, Sen.

Francis Tolentino. We must put an end to this honour. Let`s act, let`s talk. Let`s show our opposition to the government`s pro-Chinese policy. The most effective way is to restore the integrity of the Senate. Let`s not vote for the traitorous president`s allies. Let`s pick candidates ready to defend themselves for the country and the Filipinos! Congratulations to Sen Franklin Drilon. You`ve done a good job, sir. In fact, you are a great senator.

live! In Duterte`s statements and actions, he appears to be more Chinese official than president of the Philippines. Because of his pro-Chinese foreign policy, we now see the consequences of his puppy with Xi Jinping – a debt in China that will increase our economy, inaction in opening up Chinese cost monitoring to fishermen and the recent seizure of Chinese foreign policy. Is this the real change the president is proud of? It`s more like a real fuel among Filipinos! Let`s show the five hairs we see! The target was only the beginning of five. I`m sure I`m not fair. I was sorry. shrink. It`s angry! Don`t try to inhibit! Here is the link between the news: newsinfo.inquirer.net/1147723/baptism-of-fire-tolentino-defends-duterte-xi-verbal-fishing-deal-but-admits-hes-got-no-details?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1564400382 you are for your country, you will face harassment in China, it will not mean or lead to war. Indonesia and Vietnam recognized this. And here we were also wrong with the presidential friend, the liar, the traitor and the BULLY STRIKE! Lawyer Wilfredo Garrido is not impressed by Senator Francis Tolentino`s attempts to make him smarter than he really is.


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