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When A Client Accepts The Services Of An Accountant Without An Agreement

It can be difficult to know if a client is struggling without working for them, although you may see some warning signs before signing a contract. For example, if a potential customer keeps calling or emailing you before you`ve even agreed to work with them, it could be someone who needs a lot of personal attention who may not be of interest to you. There`s nothing wrong with refusing a gig if you think it`s going to be more work than you`re willing to do, because choosing your own project is a big part of why you`ve become an entrepreneur or freelancer. A customer who accepts an offer does not make the offer a contract. A contract is concluded when the customer accepts the offer and the small businesses agree to provide the services described. Each party must agree. Write a quote instead? This article examines whether an estimate is legally binding. FreshBooks has online estimating software that makes it easy to create and send written estimates. A price offer (also simply called an “offer”) is not legally binding. A legal contract exists when two parties make promises to each other, according to the Houston Chronicle. An offer is not a promise from a supplier to deliver goods or services, and it is certainly not a promise from a customer to pay for those goods or services. A price offer cannot therefore be legally binding. Researching a customer or company before accepting a contract is a crucial step as it can help you be aware of difficult customers.

Even if the project pays well or you`re likely to get a lot of attention for your work, it`s important to ask yourself if it`s worth it. For an oral offer to become legally enforceable, a clear agreement must be reached after the offer is delivered to the customer, according to USA Today.


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