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Wix Set License Agreement

all rights, titles and interests on and on Wix services, including all copyrighted materials or content, that are subject to intellectual property rights under applicable law (including artwork, graphics, images, website templates and widgets, literary work, source and object code, computer code (including html), applications, audio, music, video and other media, designs, animations, interfaces, documentation, derivatives and versions, the “look and feel” of Wix services, methods, products, algorithms, data, interactive functions and objects, advertising and acquisition tools and methods, inventions, , logos, domains, custom URLs, trademarks, service marks, trade names and other protected identifiers, whether registered and/or registered, and all releases are the property of Wix and/or authorized. The WixUI dialogue library contains standard bitmaps for the context of the home and closing dialogues as well as the top banner of the other dialog boxes. You can replace these bitmaps with their own product brand purposes. To replace standard bitmaps, specify WiX variable values with the file names of your bitmaps, just like when replacing the default license text. By visiting our website or using our application and/or service, you enter into a legal agreement with us that consists of these Terms of Use and the Legal Terms of our additional services. Some uses of Wix Video Services may require a license to use certain patents. You are obliged to check if you are obliged to obtain such a license. WixUIExtension.dll contains a default license agreement. To specify your product`s license, crush the default setting by specifying a WiX variable called WixUILicenseRtf with the value of an RTF file containing your license text. You can set the variable in your WiX creation software: If z.B. the license field for the package section is set to GPL-3.0, the GPL-3.0 license must be generated automatically in RTF format.

Custom licenses require a manual modification of the WiX Source (wxs) file, but licenses supported by the license field must be automatic. There are many license ids supported, so that perhaps only first support the most common used by the Rust project: Apache-2.0, MIT, and GPL-3.0. If the License File field is used in the manfiest package, it is used for the license file.rtf, but I`m not sure how the file will automatically be converted to RTF.


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