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Who Signed Australia Up To The Lima Agreement

By not giving us any voice on these decisions, by providing for a referendum, governments have bypassed the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. All the governments that have signed these treaties are guilty of treason. Treason is committed by many names, including international treaties, conventions, or, in this case, declaration, The Lima Declaration. The political system is designed to deprive us of the right to participate in our own government. We need to change that. We come together in a broad community of defenders, practitioners, activists, scientists, lawyers, trial parties and others who work to promote tax justice through human rights and to achieve human rights through fair tax policies. Tax revenues are the most important, reliable and sustainable instrument for managing human rights in a sufficient, fair and responsible manner. The realization of all human rights is also at the heart of the government. It is by respecting, protecting and respecting civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights that the state deserves to impose its legitimacy. Taxation also plays a fundamental role in redistributing resources in order to prevent and eliminate inequalities between men and women, economic and otherwise, and to reduce the resulting inequalities in the perception of human rights. In addition, a fair tax system can strengthen the bonds of responsibility between the state and its people and encourage governments to do more to attack the rights and rights of those to whom they are responsible.

Tax policy can also counter glaring market failures and protect global commons, including a healthy environment within global borders. Nevertheless, many countries are finding it difficult to raise sufficient tax revenues to adequately finance the implementation of human rights, all of which represent a certain financial cost. At the same time, inequitable tax systems at the national and global levels continue to fuel growing inequalities and inequalities in the exercise of human rights, shifting the burden of financing public services to society`s less talented enterprises, weakening the provision of existing services and concentrating wealth in the hands of the less privileged few. A regressive fiscal policy, conducted from north to south in many countries of the world, poses a serious threat to the economic and social rights of already disadvantaged groups.


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