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Tng Agreement

Recognizing the social and cultural importance of fishing to the Tŝilhqot`in Nation, the agreement will also support the role of the Tŝilhqot`in Nation in the management, monitoring and management of the Tŝilhqot`in fisheries. A unique agreement with the provincial and federal governments was unveiled Wednesday, August 28 in Williams Lake. “We always need to put our people and our communities first, and that`s what I love to see. With this agreement, I believe that in partnership with B.C and Canada, we can make real changes. “I listened and learned and grew up super fast,” he added. “This deal is a game changer. The former management of Xeni Gwet`in started the legal case and the title. Mr Wood, the current deputy minister, praised the decades of work that led to the agreement. .


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