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Standing Offer Agreement For Quality Professional Services

As part of SOA-QPS4, Fujitsu will contribute to pre-implementation and independent program/project management services (category 1); current services (category 2 – Major Service Group); Combined systems development and implementation services (category 3 – Major Service Group). The term of the contract is valid for 48 months from July 31, 2017. “We are honored to be recognized for our excellent service by being one of the government`s shortlisted contractors, which allows us to pursue our ambition to serve the public sector,” said Leo Ng, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Fujitsu Hong Kong. “We strive to support government with our state-of-the-art technologies and our team of top-class professionals and to deliver on our commitments to create a better society for the community in the future.” The SOA-QPS program is part of the government`s HKSAR information technology outsourcing strategy to increase IT services deployment capacity and accelerate the availability of IT solutions to support the growing demand for quality online administration services. SOA-QPS4 is part of the government`s information technology outsourcing strategy, which aims to increase the deployment capacity of IT services; Speed up the availability of IT solutions create a market of sufficient size to support the development of the information technology sector. This is the replacement of the ImK Quality 3 Professional Services Contract (“SOA-QPS3”), which expired in July 2017. Under SOA-QPS4, the contract ceiling is significantly increased by 50% from $10 million to $15 million, allowing contractors to participate in larger and higher-value projects. “We are pleased to be a permanent part of the SOA-QPS framework, which is an encouraging recognition of our years of dedication to Hong Kong`s IT sector,” said Cheung Wai Lam, Chief Executive Officer of C-T Holdings. “Such a renewal is a decisive achievement for the group to ensure long-term growth in public sector activities. Our solutions team is ready to provide quality professional services with advanced IT solutions to help the government better serve the public.

Since 2002, C-T Solutions has been a long-term entrepreneur under the SOA-QPS program. Under SOA-QPS3 from July 2013 to July 2017, the prestigious professional team at C-T Solutions handled more than 100 unique and ongoing projects for various government offices and departments. C-T Solutions will continue to contribute to government public services across three categories of SOA-QPS4 (category 1) Pre-implementation and independent project management services, with a proven track record of providing high-quality, high-skillED IT services in compliance with software development standards; (Category 3 Major Group) Implementation and combined system development services; and (category 4) information security and independent audit services. The Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA-QPS4) expands the government`s procurement capacity for utilities and accelerates the availability of IT solutions to support the growing demand for quality online administration services. The SOA-QPS4 began on the 31st. July 2017 for a 48-month contract term for four service categories: PCCW Solutions was awarded for 48 months in all four service categories under the latest Quality Professional Services Guarantee Agreement (SOA-QPS4), to offer various professional IT services to HKSAR government offices and departments effective July 31, 2017.


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