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Schedule 2 Section 3.8(B) Of The Paid Applications Agreement

What we`re going to discuss is the paid app deal of Apple`s policies. PAA is a 37-page agreement that you must accept before submitting your application. It can be played through iTunes Connect. From the APA, we deal with Annex 2, section 3.8(b) of the document. All the information in point 3.8 (b) must be displayed “in a clear and striking way during the purchase flow, without any additional user action being required, for example. B the opening of a link”.` Your beautiful and compact fluidity of purchase must contain somewhere nine balls written by a lawyer. About a year ago, Apple began rejecting apps that didn`t fit Schedule 2, Section 3.8(b) of the Paid Apps Agreement, an exhaustive list of obvious truths about subscriptions. The Paid Apps Agreement is a 37-page document that you had to approve before you could submit your app. It is only available through iTunes Connect as a downloadable PDF. My company has 33 apps on the store. Four that are paid. Almost every time they are dropped, Apple refuses paid applications, because you like to play 🐈 and 🐁? You may not be able to beat the best players like Netflix, but give it a try.

Apple completely forbids you to guide your users from your app to another payment method. Now that you know the rule, it offers a variety of possible refusals. So, in any web view of your app, you can have a logo or menu that, after a few clicks, leads to a payment area of your app to subscribe to. Your users will probably never find it, but why should you miss an opportunity to fool critics. The Cupertino guys are pretty good at this game, but have you ever tried the section with the Terms and Conditions? Conclusion: If you are convinced that you are right about your deposit, re-file the application and explain yourself in the response area. Send a request for help to the developer while waiting and I hope they can indicate where the problem is, if any. A blog we wrote earlier will give you the most important tips to follow to prevent Apple from refusing your app submission. However, we found more in the policies of the Apple app. A small, often ignored, excerpt of the guidelines gives some very specific rules. If you do everything else perfect and miss that part, your efforts could be wasted. On this blog you will find out what this part of the policy is and how to prepare your app for it….


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