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Arbitration And Renegotiation Of International Investment Agreements

“sitit” or “commercial use”. See Gino Lörcher in general, The adaptation of long-term contracts to changing circumstances, in Enterprise 1269 (1996).61It is appropriate to conclude “OK Tedi” Papua New Guinea Concession Agreement, in NASSAR, e.g. note 18, at 175.62cf. Horn, note 8 above, to 122 (correct reference to the “integrated contractual flexibility” introduced by these clauses into the contractual framework). 63Nordme continental (F.R.G. v Den.), 1969 I.C.J. 4, 47 (16 February). In its opinion on rail transport between Lithuania and Poland, the Permanent Court of Justice stated, when defining the content of the obligation to negotiate, that the obligation to `not only enter into negotiations, but also to pursue it as far as possible with a view to concluding agreements`, even if the obligation to negotiate does not imply the obligation to reach an agreement. Id.64You are in Kuwait v. Am.

Indep. Oil Co., Final Award, 24 years old. March 1982, 21 I.L.M. 976, 1014 (1982).65Seure ICC AWARD NO. 2291 (1975), reproduced in JARVIN, a. a. note 18, 274.66The general principles of UNIDROIT, a. o. 11, art. 5.3; ICC Award No.

4761 (1987), reproduced in JARVIN, note 34 above, at 519; No. 5030 (1992), reproduction in 120 J. DU DROIT INT`L 1004, 1014 (1993) (note by Derains); BERGER, a.a.O. Note 27, at 298.67Seure ICC AWARD No. 2291 (1975), reproduced in JARVIN, note 18 above, at 277 (note by Derains); FRITZ NICKLISCH, PARTNERSHIP INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS 149, 157 (1996).68Siehe Horn, a. a. O. 8, at 15, 28; Horn, a.a. O. Note 34, at 255, 284; ANDREAS NASSAR, a. o. Note 18, 180; NELLE, RENEGOTIATION OBLIGATION 272 (1994); JÜRGEN BAUR, CONTRACTUAL RULES FOR ADAPTATION 120 (1983); PETER, a.a.o.

Note 7, at 246; s nickl, a. a. O. Note 67, at 156; Steindorff, a. a. O. 60, at 1130; Kolo & Wälde, a.a. O.

Note 4, at 57; UNCITRAL, LEGAL GUIDE FOR THE PREPARATION OF INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS 246 (1998); Kuwait v. Am. Indep. Oil Co., see note 39, at 1014; Wintershall A.G. v. Government of Qatar, 28 ILM 798, 814 (1989); ICC AWARD No. 2291 (1975), reproduced in JARVIN, supra Note 18, at 277 (note by Derains); The continental North Sea, see note 63, at 47.69Y may be covering costs, increasing or protecting value. . .



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