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Amenities Agreement Sample

ITAT Mumbai in the above case found that the cost of acquiring the home includes the cost of the accommodation, even though the agreement that requires the buyer to pay these fees is not recorded and no stamp duty is paid on the fees. … Treatment of “gross equipment income” of rule 1,03,63,284/- which was inextricably linked to each other and was born from a lease agreement, as income from real estate and continued to wander in… the convenience agreement as well as the holidays and the licensing agreement of the two agreements of 25-01-2008, concluded by the Assesse with Infinity Retail Limited (CROMA) with regard to the rental of… The expert submitted that the amenities offered by the empty valuation agreement are related to the property of the Link Square Shopping Centre, Bandra (W), which is leased by the auditor to CROMA…… two agreements reached in February 2008. The first of the two agreements is rent, the second is called the convenience agreement. The company had leased an area…, and it is not disputed by the company that there is a clause of similar importance in the amenities agreement. Article 2.2 of the lease states: “2.2 This…

Clause in the convenience agreement. Both agreements provide for a lower rate for the first 33 months and a slightly higher rate for the next 27 months. Article 4 of the rent… for amenities, requirements. The total rent plus the expert fees received by the notator was 86.25,000. /- including 36 Lakhs, in accordance with the accreditation agreement on… Schedule “A” of the 05-06-2006 agreement. The amenities mentioned in Schedule “A” of the convenience agreement are as sub:-1… of amenities mentioned in accordance with Schedule A of the Amenity Agreement, the AO asked the notator to explain why the revenues provided by the convenience agreement are not less than the top income of others …

14.04,000 aff. under a service/accreditation contract as income from other sources instead of property income.


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