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Agreement To Perform Work Czech Republic

In addition, trade union organisations have considerable control over employer compliance with labour law (section 22 of the labour code) and control of health and safety (section 136). The labour code also provides for pre-consultation on draft labour law (section 23). Unions thus have an important right to participate in legislation. After 1989, the Czech Republic launched extensive economic and administrative reforms. The effects of the resulting changes have been strongly felt in the area of labour relations. Privatization and transformation of state-owned enterprises, gradual dismantling of a number of industries (e.g. B metallurgy and mining), the unsuccessful marketing rate of certain Czech products on European markets – all this has led to layoffs, reductions in working hours, delays in work, loss of ancillary benefits and social security, inability to find decent jobs in several regions with high unemployment, etc. These negative effects have led to numerous labour disputes whose settlement, even in exceptional circumstances, has been chosen by workers (or rather by their unions) by exceptional means, including strikes. In addition, workers are entitled to higher rates of pay, for example.

B for work on public holidays, overtime, at night in a work environment dangerous to health. They are also entitled to compensation for preparing for work done in the workplace. According to common practice, for work on Saturdays and Sundays, for work where the position is divided by a long noon interval, work in the afternoon shift, temporary taking of the role of an absent superior, allowances, assessment of personal contribution, 13th and 14th salary, etc., increased wage elements are provided. There is no explicit right and these different wage increases can be defined by collective agreements, employment contracts or internal regulations. Employers are free to make arrangements to exclude the aggregation of these various wage increases. In cases where a worker is assigned to another job for reasons defined by law, for example. B the symptoms of a work-related illness, an empty lifespan, etc., he is entitled to an increase to compensate for the difference between the new rate of pay and his previous average salary. Other cases where a transferred worker would be entitled to his or her previous average wage may be determined by collective agreements.


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