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Activity Agreement Youth Allowance

Example 2: Lisa is 22 years old and has a two-year degree in computer science. Lisa dropped out of computer science at the end of the second year and is starting to work. After a 2-year break, Lisa returned to university, retired from her studies in computer science and began her studies in landscape architecture. Lisa can be paid for the Diploma in Landscape Architecture. But as it has withdrawn from its previous course, it must enter into and abide by the terms of a YA business agreement until it has completed its trajectory in time that is considered a satisfactory progression in that course or that is no longer qualified for YA, whichever happens earlier. All previous studies are ignored and the time of their degree in landscape architecture is reset. Policy reference: SS-Leitfaden Completing the YA activity test, YA full-time students, YA Satisfactory progress For full-time students A criterion for conducting qualifying studies for austudy purposes is that you must make satisfactory progress in your course. Students in higher education progress satisfactorily if the time spent in the course (with the time spent at the same level in other courses) does not exceed the time allowed for that course. As far as youth assistance is concerned, the time allowed is only measured in terms of all the studies you have completed in your current course.

If you receive youth allowances, there is no limit to the number of courses you can take at the same level and you can maintain full-time student status. If you`ve already tried another course at the same level, you may need to make an activity agreement for students…


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